APRIL 10, 2015 MILAN


Via Palestro 2, 20121 Milan Italy


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Below-the-radar: Disruptive Innovation in Energy will reshape your business. Why you need to join the project

LENR is a way on producing abundant, cheap and clean Energy, a major opportunity to innovate and growth in your industry.

LENRG ecosystem project is to bring this new energy to people and enterprises. Core team is going to present the strategy, the business value proposal and the first industrial programs of LENRG.

Key program is the ’G-day’ program. Objective is to certify LENR in order to trigger a massive investment in LENRG ecosystem global project.

New developments in the field of LENR indicate that the year 2015 might come to be known as ‘year 1″ of a new industrial era. Enterprise and people will become energy independent and autonomous and society will develop a new economy combining growth and sustainability

In addition to energy, this field of science and technology holds potential for activities such as nuclear waste mitigation, transmutation, superconductivity, hydrogen production, direct production of electricity and others.  We all understand the impact of such technologies.

But we also need radical market innovation to manage a massive grassroots transition to the future LENR industry, because LENR has potential to trigger innovation and growth in all industries, not just energy production.  LENR-Cities promotes “Open Business” and implements such market innovation with LENRG ecosystem.

LENRG will give small and medium enterprises, business communities, and startups access to the technology, the ability to integrate their own offerings into this new industry, and the capacity to adapt their business in a fast-evolving technological and economic environment. It also offers to big players a path to manage the transition.

The LENRG ecosystem is open to any person or firm that is willing to support the ecosystem’s objectives as a way to develop their own particular activity, technology or project.

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Via Palestro 2, 20121 Milano
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Michel Vandenberghe

Didier Pelluet

Angelo Ovidi

Yogi Srivastava

Luca Gamberale

Allan Widom

Paolo Tripodi

John Swain

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